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Niche Fragrances are exclusive, complex, usually contain the best of ingredients and are therefore priced accordingly – Expensive!

Although they are at times harder to find, Niche Fragrances are very much sought after by fragrance lovers who wish for a more unique scent. However, the reality is that not everyone can afford a full bottle.


Designer Fragrances, although seemingly more common and accessible, now have the rising issue of limited testing availability due to brick and mortar stores temporarily being closed or closing down altogether. This often results in online 'blind buying' and statistics show that only around 30% of blind purchases are considered successful.

At Oz Fragrances, we have taken the above obstacles into consideration and can now provide you with the following advantages to make your visit here a safe and enjoyable experience

  • 100% authentic fragrances guaranteed

  • Freedom to select and sample your choice of fragrances - anytime 

  • Decants available in these size options : 2ml, 5ml, 10ml & 30ml

  • Purchase in the safety and comfort of your own home

  • Affordable prices


Do you have a suggestion for a safe delivery option?


Yes we do!

Australia Post now offers

"Parcel Collect" as a SAFE & FREE delivery option. 

We would highly encourage you to use this service


Click Here:

to see their 1 minute video presentation

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